Life Coaching - One on One

Life coaching is a collaborative process between the client and the coach, allowing you to find the solutions that are right for you. I use different coaching models to guide our discussions and share knowledge, I ask lots of questions, and through this process design a program specifically for you.  The sessions go for approximately 1 hour. Some therapy sessions needs 90 minutes.

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Unlock Your Dream Life

A 50-minute presentation that helps increase motivation and mindset.  I teach about the failure cycle and procrastination and the reasons people fall into these patterns.  I then show practical, constructive steps to instruct people how to look to the future, how to set goals that get achieved and how to create their preferred reality. It's a very motivating and inspiring talk and companies and individuals report productivity increases after hearing it.



No matter what your experience is with NLP & Matrix Therapies we are going to have a great afternoon where you will know exactly what these methods are and how to talk about them with your friends and family and also gain some profound insights into your mind, your emotions and how to communicate effectively.  There will also be an opportunity for further study.


Inner Wellbeing Meditation Course

A 6-part course that teaches several meditation techniques, the benefits of meditation and includes meditation practice in class.  A relaxing and informative course that will have you looking at your mind and your life in a totally new way.  Students have remarked at the subtle yet extraordinary difference meditation has made to their lives - from helping them become more grounded, to deepening their connections with other people and helping them with depression and anger.


Through my difficult marriage breakup it has helped me.  When I booked the course it was for body relaxation and mental pain relief and I thought as a minimum it would be a distraction.  As the weeks went on I really enjoyed the meditation and was looking forward to it each week.  This is the start of my journey and I had lots of fun doing it with my family and friends.  Thank you Sonya.  - Brian B

Loved Sonya's relaxed and knowledgeable style. My husband loved how calm I was for days after each session.      - Jackie G

I had an amazing experience going on this 6 week meditation course journey with Sonya.  I have never learnt how to meditate before so it was a really good beginners course.  Sonya was very educational in her teachings and shared her personal journeys with us which helped us relate to her.  Her voice was very calm and soothing which is perfect when you want to relax in the meditative space.  I have learnt a lot from this course and have experienced great change in my life by introducing daily meditation practices.  I also made a nice group of friends who I could connect with and share my feelings towards the experience.  I really enjoyed attending this class weekly and look forward to attending more of Sonya's classes in the future. - Emily W

Venue: Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, 160 Broadway, Chippendale.

Cost: $249

Soul Coaching® 28-Day Program

As a certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner, I conduct Soul Coaching Collage® Workshops and 28-Day Programs.

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