Did you know only 20% of the population set goals, and only a startling 3% achieve their goals!  The main reason for this is a lack of accountability!

Total Focus Workshop runs over one weekend and then follows up with a 12-week Challenge. Saturday and Sunday sessions run from 9am -1pm, and we explore the following modules:

SELF ANALYSIS – the fundamental first step in your personal growth. Most people spend more time planning a holiday than they do planning their life. Spend some time looking at your wheel of life, strengths and weaknesses, your values and how you spend your time. Take the time to find your purpose and passion in life. I will provide a study-guide with all these exercises included.

GOAL SETTING – learn the art of effective goal setting to create the life you want. This is a 20-step comprehensive process of firstly dreaming big, and then breaking your dreams down into goals and micro-steps for achievement. We do this work together in the workshop.

MIND MASTERY – a successful life begins with your thoughts, so you will learn vital life skills to master your mind. Your mind is powerful, but is naturally wired to be negative and keep you in your comfort zone. I will teach you the tools to discipline your mind so it becomes your ally in creating the life you want. We will condition your mind to accept your preferred reality and allow you to move towards it with ease.

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT – to ensure you don’t self-sabotage on your path to your success you will learn tools to manage your emotions.



DO YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR TEAM? Sonya has a fantastic 1 hour introductory presentation that she delivered to my team last year. 10 members of my team decided to participate in a Total Focus Workshop (TFW) she offered on the day and one of those decided to also get involved with personal coaching with Sonya. The results speak for themselves. The whole team has a common language thanks to the presentation. The 10 people who participated in the TFW have all advanced their businesses demonstrably. The one who got private coaching has hit all of her goals for the past year and is now a leader in our team in new business and team growth. I recommend sharing Sonya's introductory presentation with your team to give them (and you) an insight into possibilities. Focus and action brings success. Sonya Furlong brings both... she and her programs are amazing. - Wendy Lloyd Curley, PartyLite Leader

90 days of working to achieve goals with support and collaboration have been a wonderful experience. I learnt how to be realistic, do a daily activity and even learnt some meditation and the value of the atitude of gratitude. I have achieved smaller company rewards regularly and am on the road to achieving a larger award which is a trip. I actually never thought I could do this. Thank you for showing me the possibilities Sonya. ~ Kate M.

The 90 Day Challenge which followed the Total Focus Workshop was hard, and Sonya supported me, the whole group, the entire time. I made friendships, I learnt many things about myself I did not already know, adding new skills to my tool box, gained resources and today I find time for me.  During the 90 Day Challenge I committed to the fortnightly webinar. I focussed on changing my self talk, being kind to self, putting self first, saying yes, celebrating my achievements, believing a thought is only that and I have the power to change it. I learnt how to be strong and confident and ask for what I want in life...
When I completed the 90 Days I had lost weight, I loved myself more, I spoke up for what I believed in and was more myself without inner judgment. I had matured. I cared more about me, and I wanted more! ~ Carlea W

Sonya practices what she preaches and has an inspiring demeanour.  This is a fantastic course to inspire and motivate anyone who wants more from their life.  More than just regurgitated positive thinking, this course has both the theory and practical methodology to truly change the way we act towards a wholistically personally focussed successful life. ~ Marc L.

Sonya was wonderful. I felt very comfortable during the workshops and her vast knowledge of the topics covered was very extensive.  I found the workshop to be very rewarding and have gained great insight into my current behaviours and how to work on changing them to live a happier more fulfilling life. ~Anne-Marie M.

Sonya’s workshop is a fantastic way to take the first step to make a positive change in your life. Sonya shares great, easy tools to take on board and apply everyday, which facilitates positive change. It ended up being a great opportunity to bond and get to know my colleagues. Sonya is awesome. She knows her stuff and was really great at getting people to open up, and be real. Would love for more of the team to do the workshop.  ~ Kristina Serdar, Managing Director, Quiddity.

Sonya’s workshop was fantastic. The energy that she brings into the room allows everyone doing the workshop to feel extremely comfortable allowing them to open up and connect with others in the room. The content of the workshop is excellent, it really allows you to think deeper and get to the bottom of what is actually holding you back from pursuing the goals that you have set on a business and personal level. I would highly recommend anyone to do Sonya’s workshop if you get the chance.  ~ Maddison Larder, BDM, Quiddity

“Sonya is a passionate, generous and knowledgeable life coach. Her communication is crystal clear and profoundly simple. The structure of the course provides deep understanding of all the topics and how to implement the tools one needs to know to set off on the path to achieving one’s goals. I felt Sonya provided me with information, tools and belief that no one in my life has provided me with until now. I’m excited to head forwards towards my preferred reality, wearing the tool kit this wonderful course has provided. I am very grateful I took the opportunity to work with Sonya. She has so very much to share and is an extremely enlightened soul with real power to guide one towards the real change they want to make.” ~ Kate V.

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I am a proud YB12 Coach.