To make profound change in your life you need to deal with past trauma, limiting beliefs and emotional distress.  It doesn't need to take decades of sitting in a therapist's chair.  There are new techniques, which I use, that can give you relief in 3-6 months. Contact me for a no-obligation chat.

Are you ready to live a life surpassing your expectations?  Your sessions may look something like this:

Session 1 – Personal History
• We will find out why you want coaching.
• What the main issues are and areas you want to address.
• We will uncover internal conflicts and confusions.
• We find out what you want instead.
• We will explore some of your personal history to discover the root cause of the problems you are currently facing; relationship with Mother and Father.
• We go through your Wheel of Life and set an area to target for improvement.
• An outcome for your coaching program will be agreed to.

Sessions 2 – Clearing Negative Influences
Many people find that the programming or influence of others may be running their life – even if they are unaware of it. Matrix Therapies helps you let go of this and step into your core identity. We clear negative influences from:
• Parents
• Significant partners
• Siblings
• Teachers or others of influence

Session 3 – Clearing Negative Emotions
We clear the umbrella emotions first:
• Anger
• Sadness
• Fear
• Guilt

We look at any related emotions that haven’t cleared and are an issue:
• Rage, outbursts, frustration, annoyance
• Grief, depression, feeling blue and low
• Anxiety, worry, stress
• Martyrdom, control

Session 4 – Clearing Limiting Decisions
We find these from your personal history. An example might be:
• Not feeling good enough
• Getting angry at being criticized
• Being accident prone
• Having problems with money
• Choosing the wrong relationship

Session 5 – Clearing Internal Conflicts and Confusions
Sometimes people can’t make up their mind about something because part of them wants one thing and part of them wants something else. In NLP these are called Parts and there is a process called Parts Integration that resolves this inner conflict.

Session 6 - Goal Setting
• How you can set goals that engage all the power of your unconscious mind and propel you toward success.
• How you can set goals that are inspiring and still practical.
• How you can set goals that fulfill both your abstract and concrete needs.

Please be aware that people take different amounts of time to complete each section of the program, and that the program may not follow each session in the exact order. There may also be issues from your daily life that may need to be dealt with in sessions, while at the same time keeping track with the program’s intention.


“Hi Sonya, I wanted to acknowledge the work that you do with your coaching using NLP & Matrix Therapies as I never experienced anything like it. I am beyond words in amazement and gratitude for our session as it cleared up my issues I had with my Mum that had been going on since childhood. These issues were holding me back in my business as I was fearful of failure. The weight and release that I felt was instant and I no longer have these limiting beliefs which has made me feel at peace in so many ways. My business growth has improved as a result. Thank you for your professionalism, support and incredible insight to immediately get to what needed to be worked on.”

“I had a problem with self-confidence for as long I can remember, and it has impeded me from achieving to the best of my ability, and also stifled me from happiness. The implications of a low self- esteem resulted in me having unrealised goals, failure in the dating game/ relationships and dissatisfaction in my professional life. Everything in my life, or seemingly so, was coming to a head. After working with Sonya my life has changed in the following ways. I was able to commence the process of "gaining myself", by forgiving myself and forgiving others in my life, who may have enabled my low self-esteem, and I was able to realise the worth I have as a person. Sonya was also instrumental in helping me to have gratitude for the positives in my current situation, and for a future I now believe I can have.”