Learn the profound techniques of NLP & Matrix Therapies for yourself

Before I found NLP & Matrix Therapies I couldn't understand why I was attracting undesirable outcomes in my life in my relationships, career and finances. I was unhappy but didn't know what to do about it.

Then I came across NLP & Matrix Therapies and it changed my life. NLP is the study of successful behaviour and teaches certain processes to replicate that behaviour in your own life. Matrix Therapies are processes to clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

By applying these techniques I was able to transform my life completely. I now have a happy marriage, a purposeful existence and a successful business that more than replaces my corporate income.

It is because of the profound change that has happened in my own life that I decided to become a Life Coach and Therapist, and a Certified Trainer of NLP & Matrix Therapies.  The more people I can help, and the more people I can train to help others, the better the world will be.

I invite you to join me to learn how to apply these techniques in your own life.

7 Days in August 2020

Ideal for you if you:

  1. want deep healing and understanding for yourself and/or
  2. want to help friends and family with their personal issues and/or
  3. want additional people/coaching skills in your work and/or
  4. would like to become a life coach

Over 3 weekends in August 2020:

  • learn the techniques life coaches use with their clients.
  • experience hands on training in class.
  • practice the techniques with your fellow students.
  • experience transformation during and after the training.
  • graduate with 2 certifications:
    • Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming AND
    • Certified Practitioner of Matrix Therapies.
  • Be an accredited life coach with the Australian Board of NLP who have rigorous standards for training.

Please contact me below for more information.

Watch the replay of my webinar: An Introduction to the Power of NLP & Matrix Therapies

In this webinar we are going to discuss what NLP & Matrix Therapies are and how they can assist you to make profound and lasting change and fulfil your potential, both in your personal and professional life.

How It Works

Our life experiences influence how we view and relate to the world around us, and no two people have the same experiences, or the same mind, so no two people have the same world view. NLP & Matrix Therapies are designed to help clients understand their own minds, how they came to think and behave the way they do, and to learn to manage their moods and emotions, and reprogram the way they process information so it leads to more acceptable and successful behavior. At the same time, NLP & Matrix Therapies are designed to help clients see ways they have been successful in the past, and determine how they can most easily and efficiently repeat that success in other areas of their lives. NLP & Matrix therapists believe that their clients have the answers to their problems within themselves; it is simply a matter of helping them draw out those answers.

From this workshop you will discover how to:

Communicate effectively to instantly improve both professional and personal relationships

Make change rapidly - rid yourself of habits that no longer serve you

Clear negative beliefs and emotions that are holding you back and that you may not yet even consciously be aware of.

Install successful strategies to move forward to the goals that you set yourself

Enhance your success so that you achieve your goals in less time and see your life transform 

Fulfill your potential by having more confidence, more self-belief and more clarity on your abilities

No matter what your experience is with NLP & Matrix Therapies we are going to have a great afternoon where you will know exactly what these methods are and how to talk about them with your friends and family and also gain some profound insights into your mind, your emotions and how to communicate effectively.

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