Work Smarter, not Harder, with more time for what you love.

I help anxious and burnt-out business professionals to empower them to work to their strengths and outsource their weaknesses, reducing their work hours by 10 hours a week, in as little as 8 weeks.
I do this through my
Business Unbound Program: A New Level of Fulfilment.

Obliterate the baggage that is holding you back with this proven
​​​​​​​3-step system that is designed to give you the work/life balance you crave while your career continues to blossom.
No more guilt and overwhelm about not "having it all" .
No more confusion about when to work ON your business and when to work IN your business!
No more procrastination and fogginess about your goals.
Just relax and enjoy life by working smarter not harder.
Best part is it’s simple and you will have my support for a
​​​​​​​full 6-months as you achieve your goals.

How it works is that instead of pushing through the day with anxiety and exhaustion trying to do everything yourself,
I show you through behaviour profiling and neuro-linguistic programming how to identify your strengths and eliminate your unresourceful habits.
This empowers you to take the right action to get the right results!
Plus you will fall in love with your career again, knowing exactly what to do at the right time, feeling a sense of purpose and freedom.
And enjoying your work will be easy as your newfound confidence and control make you the master of your own success!

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It's great to have you here - congratulations on your decision to take the next step in your Personal Development - to take you from where you are now to where you want to be!

My name is Sonya Furlong and I help my clients to heal emotional pain and create the future they want.

Together, we're going to take a fascinating journey into your inner world and discover the keys to becoming all that you can be, in ALL areas of your life.  I know that the fact you are here means you're seeking to move your life to the next level.  Whether you want better quality relationships or health, more success at work or in your business, or you are looking for change in your physical environment or sense of enjoyment, it all begins here.  Through the life coaching modalities I use, you can absolutely experience growth and improvement in all areas of your life - health, wealth, relationships, happiness and love.

The profession of Coaching is built on a central belief - that the quality of our lives is not built upon the events in our lives, but rather, on the meaning we give to those events.  I firmly believe that once you know yourself and your goals clearly, you have no alternative but to start moving towards them.  It's like a force of nature and is all powered by one simple thing - the choices that you make.  Once you know what drives those choices and can make them with more awareness and volition, you will start seeing quantum leaps in what you can achieve.  It's all possible because of the power, strength, knowledge and wisdom you have within you - once you have the keys to these drivers, life will never be the same.

This is about taking the time for yourself to ask the questions and find the answers you never knew existed, but secretly longed for.  Each of us lives life at the level we have been taught to experience.  For some of us, this means that life is a daily experience of inspiration, joy and excitement.  For others, it means a life of pain and bitter disappointment.  Wherever you are right now, you can choose to experience another level of making different choices.  I am here to show you how.  I am here to guide you to your own insights, ask you the questions and allow you to come up with your answers to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I'm genuinely excited to be facilitating this process for you and ask of you only one thing. Please, commit to yourself that you will give it 100%.  Commit today to take this journey together with total passion and intensity.  This is your chance to shine and give it everything you've got.  The results you can achieve if you play at this level will far surpass anything you can possibly imagine.


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Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Sonya Furlong

Since 1993

Is working with a Life Coach for you?

Life coaching can transform your life and allow you to fulfill your true potential. We can get stuck in old thinking, old habits, procrastination and failure. Through life coaching you can turn all that around and fulfill your goals beyond your expectations. Just as an athlete achieves their full potential by working with a coach, so too we need someone on our team to help us reach our goals.

Life isn't always easy, and our mind can be our worst enemy. Through life coaching and meditation, you can become the controller of your mind rather than it dragging you through its negative sludge. You can start to think in new and different ways and as you do this, your life begins to improve. Incredible transformation is possible for those who are willing to go the distance and have a coach to support them and hold them accountable.

Please message me to organise a free Discovery Session to discuss how we may work together, and to decide which program will suit you best.

Love and light



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